WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF DRILLING SIMULATORS - Drilling Safety Training Simulators allows you to learn dynamically, preparing operators for drilling operations and well control procedures. WELL CONTROL - Master correct drilling techniques and learn how to instinctively and properly react to well control to prevent dangerous and costly blowouts. DRILLING SERVICES AND SYSTEMS - State of the art conventional and unconventional drilling jobs. SIMULATED WORKERS - Supervise and give orders to your drilling crew while ensuring that everyone complete the drilling operation safely. DRILLING SAFETY TRAINING SIMULATORS - FIRST LOOK TECHNOLOGY - The unparalleled multisensory drilling simulator system delivers realistic job site auditory, tactile, and visual cues. HARDWARE - Integrated equipment consoles or cyber chairs. Drillers operate the simulator with the same controls used to operate real-world equipment. SOFTWARE - Real-time oil and gas simulations, geophysics, geomatics, and an unlimited amount of drilling scenarios. CUSTOMIZATION - Workers can be trained with safety incidents under simulated high pressures and forces to ensure competence and confidence before rigging up onsite. The Drilling Safety Training Simulator development group tailors the software to fit the needs of each company, ensuring that all workers are up-to-date with company policies, procedures, and equipment specific to different geological formations. CONFIGURATION - The simulator can be scaled according to the clients’ requirements – drilling rig scale or a desktop application. The Drilling Simulator software and hardware captures the sights, sounds and feel that drillers and supervisors experience every day. TRAINING OBJECTIVES - The interactive feedback system is useful for new worker training, pre-job planning, competency assessments, and continuing education coinciding with equipment upgrades and new procedures. The ability of the drilling simulator to simulate common and unpredictable workplace scenarios prepares users for different job sites with unique challenges. HIGH FIDELITY - An industry demand-driven approach prioritizes safe training with years of field knowledge integrated directly into the software and hardware. The drilling simulator reproduces oil and gas behaviors that are largely considered best in class. DRILLING SIMULATOR ROI - In order to mitigate injuries, damages and costly human errors resulting in costly downtime, the drilling simulator applies state of art technology and innovations into the learning curve for drillers and supervisors that haven’t been applied to the oil and gas simulator industry. SAFETY: LOWER DRILLING ACCIDENTS AND INJURY - To increase safe equipment operation for operators, coworkers and equipment; new operators learn by doing. With the Drilling Simulator technology, drillers can learn in a riskfree environment and retain the knowledge most effectively so that accidents can be less frequent. HEALTH: DRILLING SIMULATOR-BASED TRAINING - prepares operators for both routine and unexpected situations. Operators master correct techniques, practise difficult tasks and learn how to instinctively and properly react to problems like unstable downhole conditions, awareness of co-worker location, equipment malfunctions and breakdowns to prevent accidents and injury. INNOVATIVE: TECHNOLOGY - The next generation of drillers are from a 'video game' generation; using computers, smartphone and computer programs on a daily basis. New employees are more familiar in training tools like Simulators rather than traditional training methods such as classroom training. ENVIRONMENTAL: Experiential learning through the drilling simulator will allow operators to learn from their mistakes virtually. Operating oilfield equipment is costly. Junior operators make mistakes, burn more fuel and cause more wear and tear, which leads to a higher probability of potential blow outs, spills and even explosions.
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Drilling STS meets the simulator standards of International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and International Well Control Forum (IWCF) certification programs.


The purpose of the drilling simulator is to train prospective drillers in equipment operation, drilling operations and well control. Users will work through basic procedures such as tripping in and out, through intermediate scenarios like drilling ahead through a variety of formations, all the way up to advanced scenarios like controlling a blowout and resolving contingencies.
Yes. We support customizations and bespoke implementations of:
  • Top drive
  • Iron roughneck
  • Mud pumps
  • Standpipe and choke manifolds
  • Blowout preventers
  • Downhole tools and bottomhole assemblies
  • Drill string equipment
Furthermore, everything below the surface can be configured to suit any learning program.
The simulator is intended for a driller, supervisors, geologist and engineers to work through scenarios, while an instructor or supervisor stands by and monitors the drillers’ progress. Drilling STS can be deployed to a classroom, training institution or rig site drillers.

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Endeavor Technologies ( ) develops advanced oil and gas drilling and well control simulators dedicated towards an immersive user learning experience for hazardous situations, and equipment operations. At Endeavor, we focus on quality and subject matter to produce simulators we would want to train ourselves. A career at Endeavor is about passion and commitment, while working on some of the most rewarding and challenging projects to be found in the simulator industry. Endeavor operates in Edmonton and Calgary while preparing for worldwide locations in 2016.

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